Articles Published the Week of July 3rd

Neal Adams Explains his Return to Comics and why he left in the First Place

I'm a huge fan of Neal Adams. Besides being a great artist though is all the other things he's done in comics. Whether some of those issues are about paying creators royalties, returning artwork to creators, making sure that Siegel and Schuster got credit and compensation, he helped change the business in a lot of ways. He turned 75 in June and I spent a few hours with him at Continuity Studios. In this first of a two part interview he talks about what comics were like when he started out, pays tribute to some of the greats he knew, talks about Continuity Studios, motion comics, Bucky O'Hare, and his love of the one, true Captain Marvel.

Frank Viva on Narrative Experimentation and Graphic Design in Sea Change

I've long been a fan of Frank Viva's covers for the New Yorker magazine - he drew "Love" which appeared the other week - but we spoke mostly about his new book Sea Change, which is a different kind of project from Toon Books. We talked about how he integrated the artwork and the text, about trying to think about the book's design differently and related topics.

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