Articles Published the Week of July 17th

You Are On Display: An Interview with Morgan Parker
I spoke with the poet (and editor and teacher) Morgan Parker recently for The Paris Review about her work. She had a great poem in the last issue of the Paris Review magazine and we spoke about that poem, her work, her love of crafting lengthy and colorful titles, her next book, and other topics. She's an immense talent and I was thrilled to chat with her.

Caring for the Underdog: An interview with Jerome Charyn

Jerome Charyn has had a pretty amazing career as a writer.I don't have the time to even list all the books he's written, but he's an immensely gifted man who has crafted historical fiction and contemporary stories, crime fiction, nonfiction, graphic novels, short stories, novels. Dover is currently publishing his graphic novels in beautiful new editions and his most recent book is A Loaded Gun: Emily Dickinson for the 21st Century, which is a nonfiction looking at the great American poet, and how his perspective on Dickinson has changed in the decade since his novel The Secret Life of Emily Dickinson.

Bryan Lee O'Malley: Snotgirl

Bryan Lee O'Malley will always be the man behind Scott Pilgrim for some people but besides working on a new graphic novel trilogy, he's also writing a new ongoing series from Image Comics. Snotgirl is about a fashion blogger and internet star with really bad allergies who decides that she wants to change her life. We spoke about writing for another artist, ongoing projects and more.

Gina Wynbrandt Requests Someone Please Have Sex with Me?

I was really blown away by Gina Wynbrandt's debut collection of comics, which was recently published by 2d Cloud. It's funny and profane and weird in all the best ways. Wynbrandt is funny, smart, a good cartoonist and she is going to have an amazing career. I was thrilled to talk with her at the beginning of it. 

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