Articles Published the Week of July 10th


It's not fault. I've been interviewing, transcribing, writing and editing as much as ever. But for multiple reasons at multiple publications, nothing I wrote was published last week.

The truth is that I don't have much of a life. I work and that's really about it. I'm alone, don't date much, go out on occasion, see my grandmother, but the truth is that I'm alone and working most of the time. Or I'm reading for work. Or I'm thinking about work.

So what does it mean that nothing was published? Should I take this as a sign of failure. Should I think about wanting something to my life other than work? Supposedly that is the point after all, of life–doing something besides work. Maybe that makes the week a double failure - by exposing the one thing by which I do judge my life and coming up short I'm showing that my entire life is empty and worthless.

Or maybe it just means that I have 15 completed interviews that haven't run for a dozen different reasons and this is the flipside of having 5-6 articles in a week...

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