Articles Published the Week of May 22nd

Carol Tyler: Soldier's Heart

I've long been a reader of the Los Angeles Review of Books and I'm thrilled to write for them. I'm even more thrilled that it's an interview with Carol Tyler, who is one of our great cartoonists and we spoke about her book Soldier's Heart, which

Farel Dalrymple on Pop Gun War: Gift, New York, and Brandon Graham's Island

Pop Gun War is a book that I fell in love with years ago when Dark Horse first collected it. Now Image Comics has published a new edition of the book and Dalrymple is working on a sequel and I got to speak with him about the project and his career.

The Carlos Gimenez Interview

Carlos Gimenez's Paracuellos is one of the most important comics that will be published this year. The book is about his youth, growing up in a home run by Spain's fascist government and the Church. It is not an easy book, but it is among the most moving, powerful graphic novels I know, and I can only hope that this book finds the audience that it so deserves.

Everything is teeth explores Novelist Evie Wyld's Childhood Fear of Sharks

I discovered Evie Wyld's novels last year and fell in love with the two. Now she has written a graphic memoir and I was thrilled to get to speak with her about the project, which is similar but very different from her fictional work. Hopefully I managed to convey that many of us think she's one of the great novelists of our generation. (And she talks a little about her novel in progress)

Belgian Cartoonist Brecht Evens Invokes Fear with a Handful of Colors in Panther

Brecht Evens creates unbelievably beautiful comics. He's a fabulous with a great sense of color and design. In Panther, his new book out now, he tells a very disturbing and haunting story, that if you glance at it, might seem like a children's book.

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