Articles Published the Week of June 5th

Filling a Vacuum: Kwame Dawes on directing the African Poetry Book Fund

I'm a great admirer of Kwame Dawes' work, but in recent years he's also shown himself to be a great editor, in large part through his work on the African Poetry Book Fund. For people who read poetry in English, the series has become essential, publishing some great young writers and established writers as well, and we discussed his work.

How The Odyssey of Sergeant Jack Brennan uses marines to start a dialogue about trauma

Bryan Doerries and his project, Theater of War, has been doing some amazing work in the past decade, presenting Greek drama for military audiences and using the performances to help start a dialogue about war and pain, and we spoke about his work and his new book, which adapts The Odyssey.

Drew Ford on Sam Glanzman's Red Range and the new comics imprint It's Alive

There are many highlights to Drew Ford's time on the Dover graphic novel imprint, but one has to be collecting the work of Sam Glanzman. Now that Ford is starting his own imprint, It's Alive, he's launching it with another Glanzman book, and kickstarting the project.

The Rumpus Interview with Shawn Vestal 

I really liked Shawn Vestal's novel Daredevils, and I was thrilled to conduct the Rumpus interview with him to talk about his debut novel, faith, and the myth of the American West.

When Muhammad Ali and Superman saved the world

Muhammad Ali passed away recently and I wrote about one of the stranger comics ever published - 1978's Superman vs Muhammad Ali, and what it meant. Really, I wrote about Ali and how he was because he was an amazing man, and it's hard to imagine anyone else would could have stood next to Superman.

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