Review: What I Was Doing While You Were Breeding by Kristin Newman

Review: What I Was Doing While You Were Breeding by Kristin Newman

I'm a fan of travel books and I'm a fan of Kristin Newman (a sitcom writer whose work recently on The Muppets and Galavant was talented). Plus the book has a great title.

Admittedly as someone who is alone and childless (and has, due to not making nearly as much money, has been told that I've taken a few awesome trips) I can relate to both the boasting in the title and the annoyance and frustration that underlies it.

The book details the adventures that Newman took to Argentina and France, Brazil, Iceland and elsewhere. She traveled alone a lot, or with friends, she met people there, and besides being incredibly funny (so funny) it's a really impressive book about getting older, about traveling and dislocation. The book details a series of trips that take place over more than a decade and

Among Newman's many Hollywood credits are How I Met Your Mother (sidenote: Newman reveals why it was that Robin returned from Argentina with a boyfriend) but at its best, the show managed to convey in a funny but thoughtful way about what it meant to grow older. And that's precisely what this memoir does.

Also Newman is very sharp about what it means to travel - and travel solo - in your thirties. Some of them I knew, some I've experienced but never put into words, and others were just much funnier put than I can manage.

Really the only flaw in the book from my perspective is the ending. In short she meets a guy and finds happiness and yes, it's wonderful for her. It just felt like an unexciting ending. Newman admits as much in the text.

I do wish that one of Newman's TV projects which would feature life in hostels overseas or among travelers would make it on the air. That I would watch...maybe if there were muppets also working in the hostel...hmmm...

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