Articles Published the Week of February 28th

Tom Hart on How Tragedy Gave Birth to New Life in Rosalie Lightning

I've long been a reader and a fan of Tom Hart's work and he recently published possibly the best book of his career, Rosalie Lightning. It's based on the worst thing that one can imagine happening, the death of his daughter. It's not a book about her death, but about how to endure and survive something like this, how to grieve, and while I'm not going to claim that it's a happy book, it's not painful, it's not wrenching. It's a book that Hart needed to make to help him go through the process of grieving, and it's a moving portrait of grief. I'm touched that Tom opened up to me and it's a book I can't recommend enough.

Carl Potts Celebrates Last of the Dragons' Return

Potts was a longtime editor at Marvel Comics where he also did some of his best work. People might know him for his run on Punisher War Journal, the independent series Alien Legion, which he initially launched at Epic Comics and has been continuing at Titan Comics. I spoke with him about Last of the Dragons, which was a great graphic novel which has been republished in a new edition. We spoke about his long career which includes mentoring talent, reading every letter or submission that came across his desk as editor, and how, after a long career at Marvel, he wrote The DC Comics Guide to Creating Comics.

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