Articles Published the Week of February 21st

Liew's Art of Charlie Chan Hock Chye Tells Singapore's Secret History

Sonny Liew has been writing and drawing some great comics in recent years. His Malinky Robot stories are great, The Shadow Hero, and other work have shown him to be an incredibly talented artist, but his new book The Art of Charlie Chan Hock Chye is another level. Someone who doesn't know any better might think it's an art book about a artist from Singapore they've never heard of (and actually some advance readers did think that) who has been able to work in a wide range of styles and approaches over the decades. It's also a thoughtful nuanced look at modern Singapore, puncturing many nationalist myths.

MAD Magazine's John Ficarra still running comic's greatest gang of idiots

John Ficarra is in charge of one of the great cultural institutions of the United States of America–MAD Magazine. He's been working there for more than thirty years and we sat down to talk about the magazine's place in contemporary culture, the state of satire today, and more.

Charlie Jane Anders' All the Birds in the Sky

One of my favorite novels so far this year is All the Birds in the Sky. The story of a scientist and a magician - the two meet as middle school outcasts, and then meet again in San Francisco as the world is about to end. A magician and a scientist falling in love seems goofy and nuts and Anders manages to pull it off so incredibly well. Dark and hopeful and romantic and leaves you feeling that the world may be cold and dangerous but it's also so full of wonder and possibility.

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