Articles Published the Week of January 3rd

The Looming Dark: An Interview with Linda Pastan

I was thrilled to get to talk with Linda Pastan about her fabulous new book Insomnia, which came out at the end of last year. We spoke about using poetry to investigate ordinary life, insomnia, writing short poems. She remembers the late, great William Stafford and talks about being a poet without history.


Neil Strauss: The Truth

I had a great conversation with Neil Strauss talking about his new book The Truth. One aspect of our conversation that really struck me was his writing about this idea of a no-life crisis, and what it means to be a guy getting older and our thoughts about commitment and life and how we process our experiences. We had a great conversation, which I think comes through in the piece.


Richard Sala returns to the violent, gothic world of Violenzia

I love talking with cartoonist Richard Sala, whose recent book is Violenzia, which includes his comic of the same name which was released digitally a couple years ago along with a number of other stories. Sala always manages to interestingly combine various pulp genres and this new book is no exception.


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