Articles Published the Week of December 13th

Riad Sattouf Tells the Tale of "The Arab of the Future"

Riad Sattouf is one of the biggest cartoonists in the world right now. The two time winner of the best book at the Festival International de la Bande Desinee in Angouleme, he won for the second time for his book The Arab of the Future, which has just been published in the United States. His best book, it's an incredible memoir looking at his childhood which was spent in Libya and Syria. We spoke about the book, why so many people are wrong about Charlie Hebdo and why he was working at the magazine for years, and the importance of complicating the Middle East.


An Interview with Samandal

For years Samandal has been one of the most interesting and most important comics publications in the world. It emerged earlier this year that the magazine has spent the past few years in court, battling censorship in Lebanon. The case has been finished and the result is a massive fine. I spoke with the editors of the magazine about what they've been doing, the background of the case, their current crowdfunding campaign to continue, and their hopes and plans for the future.


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