Articles Published the Week of November 8th

Ivan Velez, Jr. Sings the Epic Multicultural "Ballad of Wham Kabam!"

Velez has been making comics for years now. We crossed paths earlier this year at the Queers and Comics Conference at City University in New York. Velez is now in the midst of his biggest project, a historical volume of superheroes, race, and the history of the Americas. We spoke about "The Ballad of Wham Kabam!" and his career which goes from Tales of the Closet and Blood Syndicate, Howard Cruse and Dwayne McDuffie, and more.


John Leguizamo takes "Ghetto Klown" From the Stage To the Page

I've been a fan of Leguizamo for years. A fabulous writer and actor, his play Ghetto Klown is now a graphic novel. He spoke about why he decided to go this route, the process involved, talked a little about Seagal and De Palma and others, and talked about his next play which premieres in the spring.


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