Articles Published the Week of November 1st

Bill Griffith investigates his mother' affair in "Invisible Ink"

I've long been a great admirer of Griffith, the cartoonist behind "Zippy the Pinhead." His new book, a graphic memoir, looks into the lives of his parents and specifically the lengthy affair his mother had with a noted cartoonist.


Harlem has a teenage hero to call its own in "Ajala"

This series from Robert Garrett and N. Steven Harris really stands out in a number of ways and four issues in - with a collection coming soon - I'm intrigued to see what they'll do with the character and the series going forward but they do good work (and I've been a fan of Harris since Aztek back in the day) and we could use more politically minded fiction in this vein. 


Horror, Humor and Sci-Fi Collide in "Intro to Alien Invasion"

Owen King, Mark Jude Poirer and Nancy Ahn deliver this graphic novel about an invasion on a college campus during spring break that's one part humor, one part dark drama, one part b-movie. (Full disclosure: I knew Owen very slightly as we overlapped in college by a year, where he was widely seen as a talented writer going places)


"The Comic Book Story of Beer" Creators Brew Up a Refreshing History

Jonathan Hennessey, Mike Smith and Aaron McConnell tell the story of beer - or maybe it's the story of human civilization - in this graphic novel which looks at a few thousand years of history and is a pretty interesting look at my favorite alcoholic beverage of choice.


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