Articles Published the Week of November 8th

Ivan Velez, Jr. Sings the Epic Multicultural "Ballad of Wham Kabam!"

Velez has been making comics for years now. We crossed paths earlier this year at the Queers and Comics Conference at City University in New York. Velez is now in the midst of his biggest project, a historical volume of superheroes, race, and the history of the Americas. We spoke about "The Ballad of Wham Kabam!" and his career which goes from Tales of the Closet and Blood Syndicate, Howard Cruse and Dwayne McDuffie, and more.


John Leguizamo takes "Ghetto Klown" From the Stage To the Page

I've been a fan of Leguizamo for years. A fabulous writer and actor, his play Ghetto Klown is now a graphic novel. He spoke about why he decided to go this route, the process involved, talked a little about Seagal and De Palma and others, and talked about his next play which premieres in the spring.


Articles Published the Week of November 1st

Bill Griffith investigates his mother' affair in "Invisible Ink"

I've long been a great admirer of Griffith, the cartoonist behind "Zippy the Pinhead." His new book, a graphic memoir, looks into the lives of his parents and specifically the lengthy affair his mother had with a noted cartoonist.


Harlem has a teenage hero to call its own in "Ajala"

This series from Robert Garrett and N. Steven Harris really stands out in a number of ways and four issues in - with a collection coming soon - I'm intrigued to see what they'll do with the character and the series going forward but they do good work (and I've been a fan of Harris since Aztek back in the day) and we could use more politically minded fiction in this vein. 


Horror, Humor and Sci-Fi Collide in "Intro to Alien Invasion"

Owen King, Mark Jude Poirer and Nancy Ahn deliver this graphic novel about an invasion on a college campus during spring break that's one part humor, one part dark drama, one part b-movie. (Full disclosure: I knew Owen very slightly as we overlapped in college by a year, where he was widely seen as a talented writer going places)


"The Comic Book Story of Beer" Creators Brew Up a Refreshing History

Jonathan Hennessey, Mike Smith and Aaron McConnell tell the story of beer - or maybe it's the story of human civilization - in this graphic novel which looks at a few thousand years of history and is a pretty interesting look at my favorite alcoholic beverage of choice.



Articles Published the Week of October 25th

Jennifer Hayden shares her breast cancer survival tale in "The Story of My Tits"

I'm a huge fan of Jennifer Hayden's new graphic novel which is more than just the story of her battle with breast cancer but the story of a her life, in a way that is ultimately thoughtful and profound in a way that really affected me. Her previous work like the book "Underwire" has been interesting, but this is one of the best graphic novels of the year and I'm so glad that we could have a conversation about the book.


Anders Nilsen Argues that "Poetry is Useless"

Every Anders Nilsen book I've ever read has stuck in my head. I'm not going to claim that every one of his books are my favorites, but each has stayed with me long after I read them. His new book "Poetry is Useless" is no different. It's ostensibly a sketchbook, but plays with the form in some really interesting ways. For Nilsen, drawing is a way of thinking and that has never been so evident as in this new book.


Carla Speed McNeil Illustrates the horror of "Harrow County"

I've long been a fan of Carla Speed McNeil (the woman behind the brilliant "Finder") and I got to break the news about her next project, a fill in issue of Dark Horse's series Harrow County. I'm a fan of the series (written by Cullen Bunn and drawn by Tyler Crook) and