Articles Published the Week of September 13th

Will Tracy and Gabe Koplowitz tell the tale of "Allen: Son of Hellcock"

I spoke with Will Tracy and Gabe Koplowitz, two Vassar grads (go Brewers!) who have teamed up to write a new comic coming out this fall, Allen: Son of Hellcock. It's a comedic take on the fantasy epic and the two are clearly having fun with medieval hipsters and their takes on other tropes. It's also one of the debut projects from Z2 Comics, which is launching a new line of comics starting this fall.


R.A. Salvatore at the Mark Twain House

The director of Communications at the Mark Twain House in Hartford has more than once jokingly called me their resident nerd. But I love running events there and was thrilled that I got to interview R.A. Salvatore on stage this week.  I so rarely get to run live events but Bob was just an incredibly nice, easy to talk to guy. He opened up and spoke about The Sundering, what was going on in his life while he was writing Mortalis (which he thinks is his best book and I'm inclined to agree), the genius of James Joyce's The Dead, how Terry Brooks has helped him over the years, shared some George Lucas stories, how he approaches writing the Drizzit books, and more. (I also complained about the lack of a map in Archmage...what's a fantasy book without a map!)

He also revealed that there are two Drizzit books coming out next year - Maestro in the spring and a third (as yet untitled) book in the Homecoming trilogy in the fall - and then he's going to stop writing two Drizzit novels a year and write another Demonwars book.

It was a great crowd who asked a lot of fabulous questions. Bob was incredible and was there late talking to everyone and signing books and posing for pictures. An incredible evening.

Articles Published the Week of September 6th

Zita the Spacegirl's Ben Hatke builds a Little Robot

With Zita the Spacegirl and his recent picture book, Ben Hatke has put together a good body of work for younger readers. His new book Little Robot is a lot of fun. It's the adorable story of a young girl who comes across a robot on a lazy summer day. There are also fighting robots. In other words, it's a book with something for kids of all ages. I met Ben before the first Zita book was released and it's been great to see his work get the attention it deserves and it was great to chat with him about his new book.


Articles Published the Week of August 30th

"Batman: Second Chances" writer recalls editorial clashes, reaction to Robin's death

I am an avowed fan of Max Allan Collins' work - the fact that I've interviewed him a number of times over the years will attest to that if nothing else - and I spoke with him about the collection of his 1980's run on Batman, why it was short-lived, and his difficult relationships with others on the book. And then because he's Max Allan Collins and is always working on many things I ask about the upcoming Nate Heller novel, the collection of his Wild Dog series, when we'll see Ms. Tree, Mike Danger. I also ask about the upcoming Quarry TV series which is out in January and I'm very excited about. Collins also drops that he may be writing a Quarry graphic novel soon.


Articles Published the Week of August 23rd

Liz Suburbia Gets Rid of Adults, Lets Teens Rule in "Sacred Heart"

Liz Suburbia's first graphic novel is a great tale of adolescence, and a terrifying story of a community of teenagers after all the adults of the town go off on a religious retreat and they're left to their own devices.