Articles Published the Week of August 9th

J.M. DeMatteis on "Mercy" and creating personal work in comics

I've long been a fan of the work of J.M. DeMatteis. As I mention in the article, he's written so many different kinds of comics - and written them well - that he remains hard to easily summarize or analyze. Starting in the 1980's though he was one of the leading lights creating comics for adults in the United States. "Moonshadow" was a huge influence on me and how I thought about comics when I first read it in the nineties. There's also books like "Brooklyn Dreams" and "Blood" and then more recent books like "The Adventures of Augusta Wind" (to my mind the closest anyone in comics has come to matching the genius of Lewis Carroll). We spoke about an older book, "Mercy," which I didn't read when it first came out, and this aspect of his vast career in comics.


Zeina Abirached on Remembering and Forgetting Beirut

I'm a huge fan of Zeina Abirached's comics and her recent book "I Remember Beirut" looks at her memories of Beirut during and after the Civil War and we talk about her next project - which comes out in France this fall. Of course we had to do the interview in English - my Arabic and French aren't good enough. I think her work is always brilliant and this book is no exception. And I'm thrilled to have the piece on Arablit, which is one of the sites I check at least once a week and read all the time.


Nik Guerra takes on mystery and sensuality in "Magenta: Noir Fatale"

Guerra is an Italian artist and writer and his recent book is an entertaining book, a noir thriller set in London in the sixties. He's intentionally crafting a fetish book. The characters are dressed very deliberately, and yet it's less exploitive than a lot of mainstream comics and in the end has a lot more in common with comics like "Sin City." Definitely not a book for everybody, but those who don't mind the sex - and I should note that it doesn't have much violence - you'll find it worth reading.


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