Articles Published the Week of August 2nd

Kate Beaton Unleashed "The Princess and the Pony"

Like just about everybody, I'm a fan of cartoonist Kate Beaton and Scholastic just published her first book for kids, "The Princess and the Pony," which stars everyone's favorite Beaton character - the fat pony.


A conversation with Marguerite Van Cook and James Romberger

I've long been a fan of Marguerite Van Cook and James Romberger and their recent book, "The Late Child and Other Animals" is their best work to date. I spoke with them in New York City where we discussed the book, art, punk and much more.

(The article also contains one of my favorite first lines: The new book The Late Child and Other Animals opens at the height of World War II with the co-author’s mother and aunt on top of Portsdown Hill, watching the city of Portsmouth burn.)


Eddie Campbell returns to the world of "Bacchus"

Campbell has long been one of the most interesting, imaginative and innovative creators working in comics and we spoke recently about the new omnibus edition of his long running series "Bacchus"


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