Articles Published the Week of August 16th

How Sea Tea Improv Built a Comedy Scene from Scratch

If you live in greater Hartford and you haven't been to a Sea Tea Improv show, well, you're missing out. Over the past five years the troupe has done some really impressive work not just making good comedy, but in creating a community and fostering it in a way that I think is valuable and important for the city of Hartford and is something that a lot of people can look at as a model.

Ed Piskor: Hip Hop Family Tree

One of the best comics being produced today is Hip Hop Family Tree. Piskor has been putting out the comic online at boinboing,net and books have been coming out yearly and now he has a monthly comic book.

Living Tradition: Clare Cavanagh on the joys and challenges of translation

Like a lot of people I've long been a great lover of the poetry of Wislawa Szymborska. Clare Cavanagh has translated or co-translated her poetry into English for decades and this year she edited Map, which is Szymborska's collected poetry. I spoke with her about how she works, how she came to translation and related topics in a conversation that was a true joy.

Alex Simmons Celebrates the Return of the Globetrotting Blackjack

Alex Simmons has long been telling stories in comics and prose of Blackjack, a 1930's adventurer who happens to be black. He's not a black Indiana Jones, but if that makes you check it out, then hell, Blackjack is a black Indiana Jones. Simmons has also been great as far as building communities, finding new audiences for comics and art and working with children and we spoke about his many projects including an upcoming class he'll be teaching connecting kids from Harlem (in NYC) with Haarlem (in Holland).

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