Drawn & Quarterly 25

This year Drawn and Quarterly is celebrating 25 years.

Now like most people, I didn't know anything about D&Q for the first years of its life - I encountered it sometime in the nineties, though I can't pin down a date. But in the course of 25 years, they've become one of the most important comics publishers in North America. I say that without exaggeration or hyperbole. Chris Oliveros has run an important company that I think likely became successful and influential beyond what he could have envisioned.

Now after 25 years, Oliveros is stepping down as publisher and he's turning over the reins of the company to Peggy Burns, who will become Publisher. Tom Devlin will become Executive Editor.

Peggy Burns is an incredible woman (even if she doesn't always answer her e-mail) and it's been really interesting to see what she's done and how the company has grown since she joined the company. Devlin is a great editor. One time when I interviewed him, I joked about when he was going to make more comics - he's been such a successful editor for so long that most people likely don't know that he sued to make comics, as well. Devlin joked that he and Oliveros have a bet on who will next produce a comic.

Well, Oliveros has a new comic coming out in January. I know that like everyone else who acres about comics, I can't wait to see what he does. And I can't wait to see what Burns does next.

Long live Drawn and Quarterly.

Here's to 25 more years!

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