Articles Published the Week of May 3rd

Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez discusses career, influences, and Superman's hair

It's always exciting when I get to talk with one of the great modern masters of comics and in North America, by pretty much any standard, Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez is one of them. He jumps between genres and approaches with dizzying ease as can be seen by the three books DC published last year that Garc-alOpez drew. One was new (Batman '66: The Lost Episode) and two were reprints (Twilight and Cinder&Ashe) and they couldn't be more different and they couldn't be more well done.

He's also an incredibly nice man.

Seth discusses his return to "Palookaville"

I love Seth's work - and have for years - and I think a new book from him is always worth mentioning and celebrating. In this case, there's a new volume of "Palookaville" and I spoke with him about the format and the approach he's using with these hardcover volumes, the serialized stories he's telling in them, "Clyde Fans," memoir and more.

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