Articles Published the Week of April 26th

Nina Bunjevac explores the life of her terrorist father and Yugoslavia's history in "Fatherland"

I was thrilled to be able to sit down with Nina Bunjevac this year and talk about her book "Fatherland." An account of her father and an examination of her family's history and the history of Yugoslavia, I learned a great deal from the book and from our conversation. It's a story that's moving and heartbreaking and important. We live in a time where extremist ideology and terrorism are on the rise and

Chuck Palahniuk talks "Fight Club 2"

I've long been a Chuck Palahniuk fan, but I suppose that's not much of a surprise. When the opportunity to talk with him about "Fight Club 2" came up, well, I had to take it.

Odd story: I have a signed copy of Palahniuk's nonfiction collection "Stranger Than Fiction." I got it when I worked at a bookstore in Los Angeles years ago. He was on book tour and came in to sign books and I asked if he would sign a copy to me. He asked if I got teeth whitened. (I don't my teeth are that white...but anyway) I said no. He asked if I would actually admit to it and I said I would tell him, but, pointing to my manager, I wouldn't tell him. Anyway I have a copy signed to me which mentions all my sparkling white teeth and Aaron has a copy which mentions that he would tell Aaron if he got his teeth whitened.

Paige Braddock gets gross with "Stinky Cecil" and talks the "Peanuts movie and comics

A lot of people know Paige Braddock's work as a cartoonist from "Jane's World" but she's also creative director of Charles M. Schulz Associates, which means that she helps to oversee "Peanuts." There's a movie coming out, an ongoing comic book series that she helps work on, merchandizing, advertising, and she still manages to create a new graphic novel series for kids. I don't know how she does it, to be honest. But she's good at it.

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