Articles Published the Week of April 5th

The Rumpus Interview with Jennifer Michael Hecht

I've long been a great admirer and reader of Jennifer Michael Hecht. Her nonfiction books have been a great influence on my life. Doubt is one of the great books about atheism and the history of doubt and questioning in the Western cultural tradition. The Happiness Myth is a thoughtful and fascinating portrait about how happiness has been defined and redefined by one culture after another over the centuries. She's also a gifted poet who has published three books including most recently, Who Said.

Her most recent book Stay is a book about suicide. It is a look at how cultures have considered suicide and the reasons against suicide - which recur time and again across cultures. As one who has struggled with depression for much of my life, there's a lot in the book that spoke to me and that I could relate to. It's a book that I think everyone should read because people should have to address these ideas in their own lives. It should be something we carry with us, even in those times that are hard–especially in those times where it's so hard to continue.

In the end, the book is a plea, asking all of us, to stay.

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