Articles Published the Week of April 12th

Meredith Gran finds herself adrift with "Adventure Time," finishing "Octopus Pie"

"Octopus Pie" remains one of my favorite webcomics after all these years. I've spoken with Meredith Gran in the past and we talked recently about the changes that have gone on in the strip, from color to the new dimensions of the page, to the characters growing older and the nature and meaning of their experiences changing.

Ryan Burton plots a return to the horrific future of "Dark Engine"

I spoke with my CBR colleague Ryan Burton about his Image Comics series "Dark Engine" which is a strange Lovecraftian horror series set in a bleak and strange future. He and artist John Bivens have done some really interesting things with the second story arc in a way that really expands the world they established in the first arc.

Tom DeFalco says he's lucky to write the last issue of "Archie"

Tom DeFalco has worked on a lot of high profile in his long career in comics and this year he's writing "Archie" #666, aka, the last issue before the series gets relaunched by Mark Waid and Fiona Staples. I spoke with DeFalco about the issue, starting his career at Archie Comics, what the characters mean to him and some larger thoughts about reinventing characters and comic series.

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