Articles Published the Week of March 8th

The Rumpus interview with LaShonda Katrice Barnett

I really loved Jam on the Vine, the debut novel of LaShonda Katrice Barnett, who has crafted an incredible novel about the early 20th Century, the black press, Red Summer of 1919, the way that incarceration has always been a part of African-American life. It's an incredible portrait of a time period and a place, but it's also incredibly contemporary in its concerns and values.

It's an incredible book, one of the best new books I've read so far this year, and I was so thrilled that I had the opportunity to speak with her about the book and the many issues embedded within the novel. We also spoke about her play, L'Echange, which will be staged in New York in May, interviewing and much more. I love the book and Barnett is someone whose name will be coming up a lot in the years to come.

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