Articles Published the Week of March 22nd

Stan Sakai prepares for the long-awaited return of "Usagi Yojimbo"

I've long been a fan of "Usagi Yojimbo,"and after two years the series is returning this year. I was thrilled that I was asked to talk with him about the book and we had a god conversation about returning to the book, what he's been doing for the past two years and how it's affected his work, and more.

David Michelinie talks Ant-Man, Iron Man's alcoholism, "BOZZ Chronicles" and more

Michelinie has had an incredible career in comics. There are long runs writing "Action Comics" and  "The Amazing Spider-Man," two of the biggest, most iconic comics in the world. He wrote or co-wrote the definitive run on "Iron Man." If all you know about the character is what you know from the Robert Downey Jr. movies, then that character owes a lot to what he did. He also created Scott Lang (aka Ant-Man, aka Paul Rudd in this summer's movie). He also created a really interesting short-lived series from the 1980's, "The BOZZ Chronicles" about an alien in Victorian England, which is finally being collected this summer.

Peter Bagge revisits his joke-telling, cartoon-making "Sweatshop"

Peter Bagge has been one of the funniest people in comics longer than I've been reading comics. Fantagraphics has published a collection of the short-lived series that DC published. "Sweatshop" is about the young cartoonists who do the actual work of creating a bad comic strip which is credited to an aging hack. It's a lot of fun

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