Articles Published the Week of February 22nd

Erika Moen reveals the secrets behind the funny, educational "Oh Joy, Sex Toy"

I'm a huge fan of Erika Moen's work. This dates back to "DAR," her autobiographical webcomic, which to my mind remains one of the really important and influential works of American comics in the 21st century. Her current project is "Oh Joy, Sex Toy," which is funny and educational and a really interesting work that I always read. I've met Erika a few times over the years and I always get a feel for her in her work

JP Ahonen on drawing bears, "Sing No Evil" and the Finnish Comics Scene

Way back in the fall I got to sit down with JP Ahonen and we spoke about his great graphic novel "Sing No Evil" which is incredibly fun and really interesting. We spoke about the book - and he's currently working on a sequel - working on weekly comic strips and how they differe from the graphic novel, and what the Finnish comics scene is like. (He gives a few shout outs and recommendations of people we should be reading)

John Romita, Sr. reflects on his Spider-Man legacy, Gwen Stacy's death and Stan Lee

One of the defining artists of the Silver Age of American Comics, and next only to Jack Kirby, the artist who defined Marvel Comics, John Romita, Sr. doesn't draw much anymore, but I had the opportunity to speak with him shortly after his 85th birthday. A fabulous artist, a true gentleman

Lisa Unger: Crazy Love You

I like supernatural thrillers, but honestly, I tend to like them more in theory than in practice. It's more about taste, really, but I loved Lisa Unger's new novel "Crazy Love You." Part of the reason is that the book is as much a character drama as it is a thriller. I read the entire book in about a day and it was just a fabulous book so we spoke about how she works and the way this book was a change form her typical approach.

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