February: Keith Knight

Keith Knight first got attention for his weekly comic The K Chronicles. The weekly strip varied a lot. At time it was political, at times focused on funny stories about "Keef" and his circle of friends and family, "Life's little victories" which were often submitted by readers. Like a lot of people, I first discovered the comic when it was a regular feature on

One weekly strip wasn't enough, so Knight created a second, (th)ink, which is more political and designed as a one panel cartoon that manages to be sharper and smarter than most political cartoons.

Knight also contributed to Mad Magazine and has been working on a graphic novel which would detail his brief stint as a Michael Jackson impersonator. Knight launched a kickstarter to help fund the book, and has since also crafted a guide to creating and running a successful kickstarter campaign.

The Knight Life is a syndicated daily strip from United Media that Knight started in 2008 which was focused on Keef and presented as a look at his daily life, and though it was clearly over the top in the same way that Louis CK's show is not an ordinary life, between the gag strips, Knight really managed to build characters and convey a real feel for ordinary life

Knight is a great political cartoonist and one of the main reasons for this is that he is very funny and he sees the world in a way that is funny and very political. But what really makes him stand out is the way that he is able to make the political part of daily life. He looks at the world through a political lens and if one approaches the world like that, it's not possible to ignore it. Knight manages to make a family strip that has politics baked into its very DNA, and yet it never becomes a political strip and it's very rarely a lecturing series. It's simply part of the strip's worldview and the characters' worldview in a way that's not seen a great deal, and done well even less.

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