Articles Published the Week of January 25th

Two older articles were published online this week. I conducted both interviews way back in 2014 (which feels like it happened a very long time ago). They were with two men who are immensely talented.

Dylan Horrocks deconstructs the fantasy behind "Sam Zabel and the Magic Pen"

Horrocks' book isn't just one of the best graphic novels of the year (it is and I have yet to meet anyone who's read it who disagrees) but it's also a thoughtful and powerful look at story, fantasy and how they play out in our lives, both for good and ill.


Mark Evanier talks Groo, Garfield, and "The Art of the Simon and Kirby Studio"

Mark Evanier doesn't need me to introduce him. He's a great writer, talented editor and as anyone who reads his blog knows, a man of impeccable taste. I spoke with him back in the fall about a number of different projects. One of the biggest was "The Art of the Simon and Kirby Studio" from Abrams, which anyone who's seen the book knows is one of the most beautiful books to be published in 2014. Another is "Hollywood Superstars," a short-lived comic that was originally edited by Archie Goodwin and drawn by Dan Spiegle. The collection was published by About Comics last year. We also talked about Groo (which is back this year), Garfield, Stan Freberg and more.


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