Articles Published the Week of November 24th

William Gibson: The Peripheral

I'm a huge fan of William Gibson's work. This is the second time I've interviewed over the years (the first interview is included in "Conversations with Williams Gibson" which came out this year from the University Press of Mississippi) and I was thrilled we could chat about his first novel in five years and his visions of the near and far future presented in its pages.

Shawn Martinbrough: Thief of Thieves

I love Shawn Martinbrough's work. A fabulous artist with a great sense of style and his art is really the highlight of Thief of Thieves for me and we talked about the first 25 issues of the comic. Of course I also want a black and white uncolored book from him (hopefully one of these years) and I can't wait for"The Ren," the graphic he co-wrote, when it comes out next year.

Bobby London: Popeye

I admit that I'd never heard of London or his short-lived run on Popeye until earlier this year when the first of two books collecting his run on the daily strip was published. The second volume is out now and we spoke about his time on the strip and his career in comics. I'd rank his best Popeye stories among the best Popeye stories of all-time just behind Segar himself.

Hillary Chute and Patrick Jagoda: Critical Inquiry

I talked with Hillary Chute and Patrick Jagoda about the recent issue of Critical Inquiry they edited which is all about comics and even features a cover by Robert Crumb with new comics inside of it in addition to essays and interviews and panel transcripts. It's a crazy thing and while it's easy to nitpick or complain about many aspects of the issue (I have plenty of criticisms) what they did with the scholarly journal is interesting and innovative and puzzling in the very best ways.

The Most Evil Corporations in Comics

Just in time for Small Business Saturday, I made a partial list of evil corporations in comics. There are a lot of them and this is just a small sampling. What's funny is that all the comments about the article that I've read either say "but you forgot X" or they say, "these companies are still less evil than Walmart/Comcast/fill in the blank".

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