Musing: The Diversity Unicorn

So my colleague (and boss) Albert Ching reviewed the movie Guardians of the Galaxy the other week. Apparently it's a movie. Anyway he really liked the movie but made a comment about how yet again we have a superhero movie where it's all centered around a white guy. Well, some people didn't like that. So he wrote a piece about that. And the trolls came out yet again.

I occasionally forget how many people believe it to be racist to say things like, why does the lead actor almost always have to be white?

Maybe the serious, thoughtful tone of the piece offended them. Or maybe "the diversity unicorn" in the article bothered them.

I would like to quote from Albert's followup piece, because i think it's worth re-reading:

"The idea that the only reason to have these discussion is to "appease" some nebulous entity reduces the importance of these matters to a false "us vs. them" mentality. There's nothing inherently political about wanting to see positive, diverse representation in popular entertainment, be it movies, television, video games or the comic books themselves that so much of them are based on. It's life. It's reality. It doesn't have a left or right wing bias. I don't want to see minorities in a superhero movie because I'm a minority; I want to see it because I live in society" 

As a cisgender white guy, I'd like to second that.

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