Is Bill Cosby coming back?

The word going around Hollywood is that Bill Cosby is looking to return to television. It's been 30 years since the Cosby Show debuted, and I'll be honest, like a lot of people I never did watch his last show, the sitcom Cosby, which ran for a number of years. But it has to be said that Cosby is a legend. I mean there aren't many people who are as talented and funny a comedian as he is - I mean he's clearly one of if not the best living comedians in the world. Plus you're talking about a man who's starred in two huge tv shows in two different decades - I Spy in the sixties and The Cosby Show in the eighties. Plus there were a few less successful projects like Cosby which ran for 4 or 5 seasons, another sitcom in the seventies which ran for a couple years. There was The Cosby Mysteries - which I liked - starring him, Rita Moreno, James Naughton, Mos Def. There's The Electric Company, which he appeared in. There's Fat Albert. He was one of the producers of A Different World. There's movies like Uptown Saturday Night.

So plenty of people I'm sure are all ready to write the show off, but I think it could be great. A thoughtful and emotional comedy about a multi-generational family. A great showcase for some funny people. If it gets on the air, I'll watch it.

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