Some Reflections: Or, Moving

I moved recently, which is always a complicated experience. It's always a tiring experience. The fact that I've moved and am still missing things. I don't have some furniture because I need to pick some things up. I'm sleeping on a mattress on the floor. I don't write any of this to complain, but it leaves one weary.

It comes on the heels on a very long October which included a week in New York including a few days at the New York Comic Con, which was both fun and exhausting. This also came a month after SPX.

All of that plus the move, the sense of starting over in some small way, adjusting one's life trajectory or however one wants to describe such a thing. Plus November is my birthday. I dislike birthdays. I have said, more than once over the years, that I'm happy to celebrate when I do something worth commemorating, but I don't think there's a point to celebrating getting a year older. Now admittedly, I don't take compliments well, so I likely would not be willing to celebrate something, but that's a separate issue.

Still, it all makes one thing about work and what I do and how I spend my days and what I want to do in the days to come. When I was at NYCC I had the chance to sit down with Mark Duplass and Katie Aselton separately. The reason they were there - and why I was there - was to talk about the show The League on FXX. I'm a fan of the show, but more than that I'm a fan of both of them and their more personal work that they do. Duplass in particular has been a real inspiration with his films including The Puffy Chair.

I spend much of my day writing nonfiction and writing about other people and events that are going on and I've been thinking more about what I want to do next. What I want to do more of. Where I want to be a few years from now. What I want to spend my days doing. And I know the answer to that question. I just need to make it happen.

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