Reed Waller, James Vance and Denis Kitchen on "Omaha the Cat Dancer"

Over the summer, I had the opportunity to talk with Reed Waller for an hour. For people who don't know, he's the cartoonist responsible for creating Omaha the Cat Dancer, a famous (some might say infamous) comic book. I also spoke with James Vance and Denis Kitchen, whoc are two of the three other people responsible for the book over the years (the third, Kate Worley died a few years, an issue that was discussed in the article).

In the week before I spoke with Waller, I read the entirety of Omaha, which comes to just over one thousand pages and is available in seven volumes from NBM. I liked it a lot more than I thought I would. Read sequentially, in its entirety, it's an incredible work. There's plenty of melodrama, but at its heart it's about relationships. It's also a very political book. And though the book became known for the fake that it contains nudity and sex, it never felt salacious.

I'm already on record as saying how much I think about writer James Vance, but I was really happy to do this piece. Omaha is a book that deserves a lot more attention and should hopefully in the coming years be an example of what comics can do - and should do more of.

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