Dylan Meconis: From "Family Man" to "PVP"

I'm a huge fan of Dylan Meconis. I liked her first major webcomic, "Bite Me!" which was set in the French revolution and involved - yes, you guessed it - vampires. She's made a number of other short comics and different projects including the Eisner nominated short comic "Outfoxed" but the work that's really made me and many others sit up an take notice of her immense talent as a cartoonist is "Family Man." The comic, which is being serialized online at is an incredibly story that I think is coming out far too slowly. I kid, but Dylan knows what I mean (I hope). It's a great story and I can't wait to see where she's going with it.

Dylan is also co-writing and occasionally contributing to "PVP," Scott Kurtz's long-running webcomic. It is about as far from "Family Man" as one could imagine. We also had the chance to meet briefly at SPX last year and she was as charming as she is talented. Go read her!

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