Bob Bolling on "Little Archie" and more

Bob Bolling is one of the most talented and beloved artists in the history of comics, and certainly at Archie (a company which has no shortage of great cartoonists in its past). Bolling worked at the company for decades but he's best known for creating "Little Archie" and writing and drawing the series for eight years. It's hard to describe many of the stories that he made because the emotional stories sound as if they might be annoyingly sentimental (because that's how so much work created "for children" is) but Bolling managed to infuse his stories with emotion and affection for childhood, but they were also layered and thoughtful stories that worked on many levels.

Bolling has been retired for many years, though he remains an influence on the many cartoonists who have followed him at Archie and across the medium. "Love and Rockets" creators Jaime and Gilbert Hernandez have repeatedly cited him as one of the great cartoonists and a major influence on their work. Archie has announced plans for an animated project, "It's Archie," which features the kids in middle school and draws heavily on Bolling's work and designs. On November 15, Archie is releasing a book-length digital exclusive collection of Bolling's "Little Archie" stories from throughout his career.

There are few interviews with a man this influential and I'm proud to have had the chance.

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