Teddy Kristiansen's "Genius"

Teddy Kristiansen is one of those people who has such a unique vision of the world, it's an incredible and all too rare occasion when the artist has a new book out. This year though is a great one for fans of his work. At the beginning of the year, Vertigo released a massive omnibus of "House of Secrets" the series that he did with writer Steven Seagle. In the spring DC released "Solo" collecting twelve issues drawn by twelve different artists - one of them Kristiansen - one of the company's best recent attempts at something new and exciting and innovative. Kristiansen was up for an Eisner Award for his book which came out last year, "The Red Diary / The Re[a]d Diary" (though he didn't win). He also has a new book out with writer Seagle, "Genius."

I had the chance to meet Kristiansen last year in New York and he was a very nice guy and I had a great time talking with him. I'm still a little stunned by how few interviews I've seen with him and how little attention has been paid to his work, especially in light of how much of his work has been released or re-released in the past twelve months. Fortunately I had the opportunity to have a brief conversation with Kristiansen over e-mail. I think he's one of the inventive and interesting and most talented artists working in comics today. I don't think the interview does justice to his own genius, but it should give a sense of who he is, what the new book is like and how he works and thinks.

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