Ramona Fradon and her long career, from Aquaman to Brenda Starr to "Fairy Tale Comics"

Ramona Fradon started working as an artist in 1951 at DC Comics. In the Silver Age she was perhaps best known for drawing Aquaman, but she was always interested more in humor comics and in characters like Plastic Man and Metamorpho–who she co-created with writer Bob Haney. (If Metamorpho sounds vaguely familiar, Neil Gaiman and Mike Allred did a story with the character for the acclaimed Wednesday Comics anthology a few years ago). Ms. Fradon took a few years off to raise her daughter and later she retired from comic books in 1980 to take over the long-running comic strip "Brenda Starr" from creator Dale Messick.

Ms. Fradon drew the comic strip until 1995, but like her earlier retirement, she's continued to draw. Her new comic is a contribution to the anthology "Fairy Tale Comics" which comes out this week from First Second Books. It's a beautifully drawn adaptation of "The Prince and the Tortoise" and Ms. Fradon will be at New York Comic Con next month.

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