Michael Fry's "Odd Squad"

I've long been a fan of "Over the Hedge" the daily comic strip from Michael Fry and T Lewis that looks at wild animals surviving - and thriving - in suburbia. It was turned into an animated film a few years ago, which was successful but didn't warrant a sequel for some reason. Fry is also one of the people behind Ringtails, which did great short animations of various comic strips and New Yorker cartoons.

Fry continues to write "Over the Hedge" but he's also an artist and his new project is the book series "Odd Squad" about a group of middle school kids and their realistic, funny, bizarre and over the top adventures. (Of course I was an odd kid in middle school, so admittedly, not everyone may agree). The book are great fun and as I pointed out, unlike a lot of middle grade, I never felt like anything was being oversimplified or talked down to.

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