Emma Vieceli on the move

I spoke with Emma Vieceli, who is an artist you've probably come across if for no other reason than she's incredibly prolific, drawing different books for different companies in different genres and doing so with an an enviable ease.

This summer, the second volume of "The Avalon Chronicles" was published by Oni Press, with two more in the works. In December, the third volume of the "Vampire Academy" comes out, the graphic novel series adapted from Richelle Mead's bestselling novels. In addition Vieceli is in the midst of working on the first of two "Alex Rider" books adapting the Anthony Horowitz series. She's also contributing to "Young Avengers" over at Marvel. Oh yes, she's also developing a historically accurate series detailing the life of Richard III, still plans to complete her "Dragon Heir" series, and is developing a webcomic.

In short, if you don't know who Emma is now, you will soon.

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