Arun Rath and All Things Considered Weekend

Arun Rath has taken over the weekend edition of NPR's All Things Considered, overseeing the hour long show on Saturday and Sunday.

It's also great because the show is being broadcast from NPR West. One because they have a studio in LA so why not use it. But also it's nice to see NPR actively try to get some geographic diversity and

On Sunday's show, they covered the standoff in Kenya, the electoral victory of Angela Merkel, had a piece about Common Core standards, but there was also an interview with David Cross and Bob Odenkirk (which Rath was clearly excited by) and a nice piece about the new album from ?uestlove and Elvis Costello. On Saturday, Rath walked Sunset Boulevard and talked with Patton Oswalt about Moby Dick. It's that combination of news and quirky entertainment that I really enjoyed and I think with the right host and right sensibility, the show can really be a winner.

Of course on the opening show, there were dispatches from a few people across the Western U.S., which was, well, less than exciting. Having said that, I would like to see the show incorporate dispatches from across the Western U.S. (and Western Canada and the West Coast of Mexico as well). It would be nice to hear regular reports of what's happening - the art scenes, the economy, the ongoing water concerns, the changing environmental landscape. I'll be honest, I'm constantly frustrating living in New England at how little people know and care about the rest of the U.S. Of course that's because they're willfully ignorant (Some here really do think that everything west of the Mississippi consists of: Hollywood, Portlandia, ski resorts, with the rest consisting of places and people they don't care about and don't want to care about).

So hopefully they'll take advantage of being in Los Angeles and telling a few more stories from different places. There are plenty of great people they could hire to do commentary (Rebecca Solnit, Timothy Egan, Rick Bass, Terry Tempest Williams, Walter Kirn to name just a few). Looking forward to hearing what they come up with next.

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