I open Firefox to find a small box with the message:

Security and privacy are not optional. Stand with a broad coalition to demand that the NSA stop watching us:

I believe that security and privacy are important. Of course I laughed like a crazy person because this message is located immediately below a google search box – a corporation that doesn't believe in privacy.

The question of privacy is one of the great issues of the 21st century and it has yet to be decided in any fashion, though it seems pretty clear that privacy is losing. Governments don't think we should have privacy and neither do corporations and for the most part people go along with it. It's interesting because a number of key decisions made by the US Supreme Court in the Post-WW II era were predicated on the belief that there is a right to privacy. Of course one of the cornerstones of many conservative legal scholars has been the idea that there is no right to privacy.

What does it mean if we give up on privacy? Or have we already passed that point?

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