Paul Roman Martinez and The Adventures of 19XX

I like steampunk but dislike most steampunk works. There are a number of reasons for that, including the fact that so many people seem to think of it as less a genre and more a formula. One work I do enjoy is the comic The Adventures of 19XX. Paul Roman Martinez has been posting it online for years and it has everything one would want from steampunk - or dieselpunk, for those who prefer to get technical about subgenres.

It's a 1930's adventure tale  with Nazis and secret societies, magicians and steampunk technology, dinosaurs and Lovecraftian creatures. There are also dirigibles, cameos by Nikola Tesla and Howard Hughes, the ghosts of Harry Houdini and Isambard Kingdom Brunnel, dogfights between airplanes and dinosaurs and the world's smartest rabbit. It's a great looking comic and a lot of fun.

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