Jim Ottaviani and Maris Wicks Monkey around with "Primates"

Apologies for the pun-ny title. Jim Ottaviani is one of the great unheralded writers in comics today. I was a huge fan of his last book, Feynman, a biography of the great physicist and educator. His new book Primates is a different book aimed a younger audience than Feynman - those who thought there was too much physics in Feynman will likely be relieved by this. The book tells the linked stories of the Twentieth Century's three great primatologists - Jane Goodall, Dian Fossey and Birute Galdikas.
The three were each helped in their quest by Lewis Leakey, a fascinating and important character in his own right.

I am admittedly not a disinterested figure. I know Ottaviani's work and though I loved the book less than many of his others, mostly because it was written for a younger audience so I enjoyed it but it's not written for me. I also know Maris Wicks who I've met at conventions and events and I think she's fabulously talented. Highly recommended and a great book for young budding scientists.

Patrick McDonnell ("Mutts"), who I've spoken with in the past, created a picture book a few years back, Me...Jane, about Jane Goodall. It's a great title for young kids and animal lovers and a fabulous story about following one's dreams. Primates is the book to give to those kids a few years later. 

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