Data plans and "smart" phones and am I missing something?

I own a smart phone. When I tried to buy a phone plan from a company, I tried to buy a plan without a data plan. I do use the phone for such things, but I have wifi at home and elsewhere, so in the interests of cutting costs I said that I wanted just a phone plan. I was told by a sales person that just wasn't possible. Of course I couldn't get an answer as to why that was impossible. I suppose that the short answer is that they simply refused to sell me such a plan.

After all, I can turn off the cellular data on the phone - as far as I know one can do that with any "smart" phone - and the phone still works. I can make and receive calls, send and receive text messages, check my voicemail, add and edit contacts, use some of the applications.

Shouldn't I be able to simply buy a phone plan with data and have the phone work fine? Or am I missing something?

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