Congratulations to Ghassan Zaqtan and Fady Joudah!

I was thrilled to read that the poet Ghassan Zaqtan and his translator Fady Joudah received the Griffin Prize this year for the book Like a Straw Bird It Follows Me And Other Poems, which Yale University Press published the other year. It is a great book of poetry and I hope that it encourages more people to read it and discover Zaqtan, as I did when the book was first released. I also hope that, as Fady said when I interviewed him, it expands people's thinking about Arabic poetry and Palestinian poetry more specifically. If English language readers know Arabic poetry they know Darwish and Adonis and Zaqtan is a very different poet from them. It's a great book and I'm eager to read more of Zaqtan's work. 

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