Terra Tempo and adventure education

Recently I had the chance to speak with David Shapiro and Christopher Herndon, a writer and artist team who are behind the Terra Tempo graphic novels. The second volume, The Four Corners of Time, came out earlier this year. The book is for younger readers, say middle school or elementary school, but I have to admit that I really enjoyed it. Part of that is simply the fact that it's a well constructed, thoughtful story that's well plotted and involves kids traveling through time (cause who doesn't love that? I would have been obsessed with the books when I was a kid). Part of it is because it does manage to do a fine job of telling an interesting story and being educational. Being structured like a thriller helps in this regard, as we talk about in the interview, but it's an impressive accomplishment to make geology and other topics fun. I know that the duo is working on a third book right now, but if their working continues, I'd be really interested to see what they do in the years to come. They're definitely two to watch.

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