Matt Kindt caught Red Handed

It's easy to tell form reading the article, but I'm a big fan of Matt Kindt and have been for many years. His new book, Red Handed, which is just out from First Second, is to my mind, his best. Or at least it's my favorite of the books he's made so far in his career - I freely admit that sometimes when one is enamored of a creator, of the stories they tell and how they tell it, we're not always the best judge of quality. In this case, though, I think it is his best. It's a mystery told in a fragmented way that forces the reader to be actively piecing things together, a examination of the comic Dick Tracy and how it would work in real life, a piece examining the meaning of crime and property.

And it's fun and inventive and crazy and heart-stopping.

That's why I like his work, honestly. He has this knack for pulling all those elements together and it never comes off as overly academic and it never comes off as forced, of a story trying to be smart and instead coming off as pretentious. Red Handed is a masterful work.

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