The Inaugeral Mouth at The Mark Twain House

Last Friday the Mark Twain House hosted The Mouth, a storytelling series inspired by The Moth, which was organized and hosted by Chion Wolf (the famous WNPR producer/announcer/personality/photographer). The free event also featured complementary alcohol. Vodka. Huckleberry flavored vodka, no less. (It is the Twain House, after all). It's also an alcoholic beverage that I will not be having again anytime soon.

Of course I think that free alcohol should be required for all events where the theme is love. Though I am admittedly very single and a well-known curmudgeon.

Wolf got the evening started by telling a story of her own, which was sad and thoughtful and had elements of confusion, mixed signals and an unrequited crush to which many of us could relate and really did a wonderful job of setting the tone of the evening.

After that Joe Barber, Jennifer Lynn Bethke, Drew Brathwaite, Adam Delaura, Josh Dobbin, Luke Foster, Meghan Freed, Samaia Hernandez, and Adam Prizio got up and told us stories. I won't share them; they're not mine to share. Between them they shared their own stories and other people’s. They told stories with happy endings, the relationships they are currently in, and the ones that fell apart or never quite came together. They made us laugh and they made us cringe at how much we could relate and they made us wince in pain and sympathy.

It was also an especially geeky event as there were multiple Dungeons and Dragons reference, a Muppet Movie reference (specifically the neglected classic “I’m Going to Go Back There Someday” as sung by the Great Gonzo, aka puppeteer Dave Goelz), and a reference to the Challengers of the Unknown (certainly not one of the best, but one of my favorite Jack Kirby creations). Plus one of the storytellers was Luke Foster, the noted webcartoonist behind "The Center of Somewhere" and the recently wrapped "Moon Freight 3."

In other words, totally my crowd. Though again, I would have preferred another theme. Of course they may have preferred a less cynical, bitter audience member. I won't complain if they won't.

The plan is for four more events this year in May, June, September and December. For more information, check out the facebook group:  facebook.com/pages/The-Mouth/153129138179310

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