Why don't we see more Maria Thayer??

I've been catching up on television and finally watched last week's episode of Portlandia. One of the actors who appeared on this particular episode is Maria Thayer, who's a fabulously talented and very funny actor. Sadly we don't get to see very much of her, though I have no idea why. I mean I know it's hard for comedic female actors. She's on Eagleheart, the Adult Swim series. She's had some great guest starring roles on 30 Rock and New Girl and was great in the movie Forgetting Sarah Marshall.

It makes me wonder about the challenges to be a comedic actor nowadays. There are plenty of opportunity for funny guys in movies, but women have a much harder time. I'm not sure there's much opportunity to do much beyond supporting roles. There are great female actors who could go toe to toe with the great comediennes of years past, but they never get the chance. There are no great screwball comedies like there used to be. It's sad. 

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