Warren Ellis on Gun Machine and more

I had the chance to interview Warren Ellis recently to talk about his new novel Gun Machine, out now from Mulholland Books. I'm a huge Ellis fan from way back. I was a huge fan of his comic series Transmetropolitan and since then have read most of the comics he's written including Global Frequency, FreakAngels, Planetary, The Authority, Nextwave, Fell and more.

(For the life of me, I still can't understand why it is that Marvel doesn't do anything with Nextwave. I mean did it really sell so horribly? All the painfully crappy comics they publish, all the characters they resurrect again and again and yet Nextwave just sits there. Sadly the reason is likely because of sales, and that's just far too depressing to think about).

Today Ellis also teased Scatterlands, a new comics project that he's collaborating with artist Jason Howard on.

So for those keeping score, Ellis has a new novel scheduled for next year, a nonfiction book coming out early next year and is also writing Wastelanders, a webseries with Joss Whedon (though The Avengers and SHIELD are getting in the way of it happening soon). Plus there's the movie Red 2 coming out this summer, though Ellis doesn't have anything to do with it–but hopefully the Bruce Willis, John Malkovich, Helen Mirren fun will continue.


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