Two Cul de Sac projects I'd love to see in 2013

I have a 2012 Cul de Sac page a day calendar and I always enjoy tearing off a new comic every day–especially since the retirement of Richard Thompson, though I am glad that when the strip concluded, started to rerun the strip from the beginning.

There are two Cul de Sac items I would like for 2013 and I'm asking Richard and his publishers, if they could make this happen. Admittedly I'd love to see a new project from Richard, but I know that he has more important concerns.

1. A Cul de Sac Treasury similar to the deluxe hardcover slipcased editions of Calvin and Hobbes and The Far Side that Andrews McMeel has published in recent years, this one would include the entire run of the strip along with annotations, tributes and whatever other material Richard might want to run in the book.

2. A "Twelve Dills of Christmas" poster. Maybe the name needs some work, but I'd love to see a poster of Dill with his many colorful winter hats. Something colorful and suitable for framing. Or conversely, an advent calendar-like object where there would be pictures of Dill in a hat and when the flap behind it opened, it would reveal another picture of Dill with one of his eminently quotable phrases.

I don't celebrate Advent, but I would put that up on my wall.

Most of all, though, in 2013 I hope that Richard remains healthy. The comics page isn't the same without him, but I hope him nothing but the best.

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